Services we Provide…

Professional Land Surveyors ECO-LAND, LLC specializes in land surveys, topographic surveys, engineering surveys, resource and Alternate Energy development and construction support services.

  • We use the latest in electronic terrestrial equipment.
  • We are well versed in the use of GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • We operate the latest in CAD equipment for surveying and mapping.
  • We have full Internet capability and communication between clients.
  • Company has over 40 years of expertise.
  • We survey small and large parcels, industrial and commercial engineering projects, subdivisions, mapping, and all phases of construction for contractors or engineers.

Land Title or Mortgage Survey

A survey of property showing all improvements, easements, building set backs relative to property lines usually for title purposes in accordance with State standards. If you are buying or selling property, chances are you will need one of these surveys.


Properly conducted survey and plat showing all necessary information relating to state and local statutes/requirements necessary for recording. These surveys first require a comprehensive retracement of the parent parcel to be subdivided. We will recover or replace all original monuments on the ground. Then, working closely with the developer, design the subdivision based upon the clients and local requirements. We pride ourselves in designs that are not only practical but are in harmony with the existing environment.

A.L.T.A. Surveys

Similar to Land Title Surveys, this is a survey of property that meets the requirements of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, the American Land Title Association, the Real Estate Law Section, and the Professional Surveyors Society requirements.

Topographical Surveys

A survey showing terrain features, drainages with contours and elevations of a tract of land in relation to an established horizontal and vertical datum(s). These types of surveys assist engineers and architects in designing new buildings, bridges and for assessing existing site conditions.

Architectural/Engineering Surveys

A survey combining all the above, and also a specified area adjacent to the property.  Included are streets, curbs, light standards, utilities (underground and overhead), trees (if specified), and all other physical aspects pertaining to the property and adjoining area.

Retracement of Large Tracts of Land

We are able to meet your surveying requirements on large tracts of land by the use of the most modern equipment and our many years of field experience.  Included in this category are right-of-way and field note or metes and bounds descriptions. Retracement of patented mining claims and original patented lands (I.e. Spanish/Mexican Land Grants in Texas and/or U.S. Surveys in Alaska)

Construction Staking

Complete site or selected staking: quantities, detention areas and underground utilities. Road and highway center line stationing, offsets, slope staking, locating proposed improvements, buildings, site grading, infrastructure and other related phases of construction surveying.


Exact dimensions of areas within a boundary, square footage/acreage, angular measurement, etc. Mass quantities, lineal measurements, geographic coordinates.

Resource Development

Surveys and mapping for locations of oil and gas wells, leases, mining locations, pipeline routes and construction support services. Resource and wetland delineations, renewable/alternate energy projects.

Hydrographic/Bathymetric Surveys

Using newly developed survey-grade ultrasound acoustic sounders coupled with advanced real-time kinematic GPS technology, we can accurately map bays, estuaries, shallow wetlands and channels. Our system is perfect for inland lakes and river surveys too.
Our technology offers almost real-time x,y,z, contour mapping or color gradient options at costs considerably lower than the larger dedicated hydrographic firms offer.

Call us about your project and explore the options.

3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning and High Definition Imaging Services

Using our Topcon IS-3 we can quickly and safely collect 3D scans of just about anything. We have used this new technology to map landfill sites, dangerous mining operations, high traffic intersections, and environmental reclaimation projects. This exciting new development creates deliverables that rival “being there” yourself. We are developing even more ingenious ways to utilize this valuable tool. Call us to discuss how we can use this tool to reduce costs on your next project.